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2010 Midwest A.F.V. Expo


New Alternative Fuel Cars for the FUTURE


This “show-within-a-show” will highlight the new, alternative fuel technology. Visitors will see vehicles that run on batteries (electrics), hybrid technology, biodiesel, veggie oil, natural gas, e-85, propane, and human energy (aka: pedal power).

  • The Fox Valley Electric Automobile Association
  • Chicago BioFuels
  • The Chicago Prius Owners Group
  • The Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition
  • Illinois Green Fleets
  • Kane County Farm Bureau
  • Dundee Crown High School BioBus
  • Bloom High School Biodiesel bus
  • Rolling Resources Electric Vehicles
  • ePower Synergies Electric Vehicles
  • ZENN Electric Cars
  • Voss Equipment
  • Miles Electric Vehicles
  • Team Clark veggie oil cars
  • PrairieFire BioFuel
  • ComEd Alternative Fuel Fleet Vehicles (AFFV)

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