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Participant Registration Form Available HERE.

  • Saturday, September 25th, 2010.
  • 9 am 2 pm
  • Civic Center Parking Lot next to City Hall Corner of Highland & Douglas Streets.
  • $5.00 Registration Fee per vehicle.
  • Proof of Insurance Required.
    • When you arrive:
    • Have your Entry Fee and Proof of Insurance ready.
    • You will receive a Ticket.
    • The Car Show Staff will direct you where to park.
    • Take your Ticket to the Registration Booth when you're ready.
    • Your Ticket # is your Vehicle # and Door Prize #.
    • Fill out your Vehicle Info at the Registration Booth to receive your Goody Bag.
    • Get your Vehicle ready for Participant Judging.
    • Enjoy the SHOW!
    Car Clubs are Welcome: We will try to park you as a group. Contact Us and indicate how many members are attending.

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    2010 The Downtown Elgin Car and AFV Show

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